We have been designing and installing workspaces in our communities for more than 35 years. See some of our featured projects from the commercial, government, healthcare, and education sectors below.

Industries We Work In

We design workspaces and install furniture, but that’s not what drives us. Our core purpose is to Create Culture, Build Community, and Enrich Lives. We seek to achieve this goal for every client through each project we undertake and the long-term customer relationships we’ve developed over the last three decades are a testament to that commitment.









Every client we work with faces unique challenges and issues that have to be addressed for their space to work, look, and feel the way they need it to. A helpful starting place for this process is the market in which they operate within. Whether you operate in a Government, Corporate, Education, or Healthcare environment, we will help build a design and budget that works for your employees and stakeholders.



Every corporate office has different needs that flow from its company’s goals, culture, and resources. We believe in custom building a workspace to match the company, helping to boost productivity and create a space that assists in attraction and retention of top talent.



We have longstanding relationships with many government agencies and understand the unique nature of the procurement process for office furniture. We work fluently under government purchasing contracts including GSA, NASPO, and OMNIA and help agencies maximize their limited budgets to create functional and inspired spaces for city, county, state, and federal employees.



Teaching and learning environments continue to morph and change with the technology that is being utilized within them. Educational facilities being built today need to support the evolving educational landscape for generations to come, and furniture that is flexible and dynamic is an integral part of that design.



Healthcare facility design must support employees and patients, both of whom have a significantly different set of needs and concerns. Medical buildings and hospitals should be comfortable and cheerful places that aid, rather than detract from, the healing process of patients.



The hospitality industry has unique needs when it comes to furniture. A space must look incredibly welcoming, while ensuring that all furniture is durable, cleanable, and functions well. From the lobby to the restaurant to the suites, all furniture must be coordinated and resonate with the culture of your business.



The office furniture in law offices should represent the culture and integrity of the partners, associates, and staff within a firm. A welcoming reception area along with quiet, private meeting spaces and conference rooms where confidentiality can be maintained is critical to work as a law firm.



Whether its a bank, loan office, credit union, retirement planner, investment firm, or financial service provider, space planning and commercial furniture selection are key in building a workspace and culture that enables both employees and customers to thrive.



Companies in the technology sector thrive off of productivity and collaboration and commercial furniture is the key to facilitating these functions. Whether its a tech startup or an established technology brand, workspaces must function as developers and account managers need while fitting within the aesthetic and culture of the company.

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