We are furniture geeks for a living, but we are driven by more than that. Our passion is to make space for people, culture, and communities to thrive. It’s this passion, founded upon our core purpose and values, that gives us a why for what we do every single day.

Why We Exist

We design workspaces and install furniture, but that’s not what drives us. Our core purpose is to Create Culture, Build Community, and Enrich Lives. We seek to achieve this goal for every client through each project we undertake, and the long-term customer relationships we’ve developed over the last three decades are a testament to that commitment.

Our Core Values

We fulfill this purpose through the following core values:

We do what is right, always.

We seek continous improvement.

We prioritize our team over ourselves.

We create WOW.

We value our purpose over the bottom line.

We are passionate experts of our craft.

Our Commitment to Community

In an effort to manifest our core purpose and values within our community, Freeform formed a charitable committee in 2021, made up of employees outside of the leadership team of the company. This committee is charged with planning and directing all charitable efforts of the company, including pro-bono design, space planning, and furniture specification as well as donations of product. Additionally, our charitable committee organizes events, both internal and external, to raise money for local charities. Our largest event annually is a bocce ball tournament for other construction and design industry professionals that raised over $20,000 for charity over the past few years. Ultimately, we believe that this support of our community and the charities within it is vital to the overall purpose and success of our own team.